About us


We base our brand on messaging the importance on bettering yourself and achieving your goals and success through motivating reminders of why to always push forward and getting the most out of your life and inspiring those around you. 

"OLE" is an exclamation of approval, encouragement or victory..."YOU" are the one that deserves it. 

We believe in positive changes; we can all be better versions of ourselves and become better humans, better athletes, better leaders, better parents and be a better example for our communities. Encouraging others in the right path is another step closer to your own victory.

OLE YOU believes in necessary changes and that is why we created a clothing line that is eco-friendly that will make a difference in the future of our planet. 

We, "OLE YOU", are here to keep reminding you to push forward with motivation and discipline. But, when motivation runs out, all you have left is discipline to keep you going.

To finalize, we are simply a humble family with a dream.

Based in Los Angeles, California